Women’s Giving Circle (WGC) Grant Application

Grant Application Packet:

Complete WGC Grant Application 

Complete WGC Grant Budget Sheet

Please fill out both forms, save, and email as attachments to Carol Cooper at wgc@uark.edu


  • Complete all information in the grant proposal application and save. Do not print and scan.
  • Adhere to recommended text limits as indicated.
  • Define any acronyms that are used in the proposal.
  • Send the Excel Budget Request Sheet as a separate attachment with your application.
  • Email all application materials as attachments to Carol Cooper at wgc@uark.edu by 5:00 p.m. CST on June 8.

Things to Remember

  • WGC will not accept repeat applications beyond two consecutive years.
  • Contact your unit’s development officer if you need assistance with your proposal.
  • We will send your application to your dean or development officer for review and approval.
  • Remember to save a copy of your application materials before final submission.

Keep the following priorities of WGC in mind as you complete your application:

Women’s Giving Circle Mission
To support innovative programs and research at the University of Arkansas

Women’s Giving Circle Vision
To engage and empower women as philanthropic leaders at the University of Arkansas

Women’s Giving Circle Funding Priorities

  • Support and promote scholarship, research, and service
  • Enrich the quality of life of women and children
  • Encourage outreach and engagement in Arkansas

Guiding Priorities for the University of Arkansas

  • Advancing student success
  • Building a collaborative and innovative campus
  • Enhancing our research and discovery mission
  • Enriching campus diversity and inclusion
  • Investing in faculty excellence
  • Promoting innovation in teaching and learning
  • Reaffirming our land-grant and flagship responsibilities
  • Strengthening graduate education
Criteria Disqualifying Grants from Funding Considerations

  • Project is ineligible due to two previous rounds of funding
  • Project is not a strong fit to the funding priorities of the WGC
  • Project is not a strong fit to the strategic priorities of the UA
  • Project purpose or impact are not clearly stated and/or accompanied by measures
  • Budget items requested are not critical to project outcomes
  • Project is redundant with projects previously funded by the WGC
  • Proposal is incomplete or poorly written